ARTPARA-FUKAGAWA 2020(Art festival of special needs artists in Fukagawa district):“Chatting Arts Festival”
In the autumn of 2020,for 9 days,the downtown Fukagawa area of Tokyo,including Monzen-Nakacho,Kiyosumi-Shirakawa,and Morishita in Koto Ward,will be filled with art,making the entire area an art museum.

The festival will shed light on artists who are still unknown to the world for various reasons,including the special needs. Through the art festival,you can experience the charm of people and the area of Fukagawa,which retains a traditional atmosphere and taste from Edo period. Through street art,where people enjoy accidental encounters,conversation will be created and understanding of diversity will be deepened.

There will be lots of exhibitions and events where anyone can participate,and where you will be exploring the area with the blessing of shrines and temples with art appreciation. A nationwide competition of special needs artists will also be held.

We aim for a "live together" society in which the power of art attracts people,enjoys chatting,recognizes and supports each other.